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Server Configuration & Maintentance

Servers are designed to remain operational 24 hours a day to ensure the vital services they provide are constantly available. Failing servers could have a devastating impact on your business, with potentially hours of downtime and a huge loss of productivity.

Our multi-vendor server support teams are available to assist you in getting more out of your assets. With expertise in Windows Server and Linux OS as well as x86 and Sparc64 architectures, you can count on our support to keep your server equipment up and running. We will assist you in reaching the freedom of post-warranty support, enabling you to allocate a larger budget to more critical initiatives

Aarshi Infocom offers a wide variety of IT solutions

Server and End User Virtualization

Server and Storage planning, installation and migration

Cloud readiness planning

Enterprise Security services, including end-to-end Security Posture, Penetration Testing

Asset management, prior to or during a hardware refresh cycle

Installation & Configure Rack Server

Data Center Moves.

Install, Move, Add, Change (IMAC) Services. 

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